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We specialize in spray foam insulation for residential homes and commercial buildings in the Adirondacks of New York.


Your house, the building you manage, or your business, will lose energy as soon as you start heating or cooling it. Spray foam is the most modern and effective insulation product to minimize that energy loss. Your upfront investment in the best will pay for itself many times over the life of your building. By properly insulating your house with spray foam insulation, you will heat your home with less energy, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

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When it comes to home performance, we take a holistic approach, looking at the whole house as a system. We dig deeper and discover what is currently happening in the house, and what might happen in the future if certain actions are taken. In order to understand the performance of a house, we use what is called building science. This involves testing and verification to discover the true relationship between interacting components within the building.

Every house is unique. Without building science knowledge, home performance contractors are unable to diagnose and solve problems with a house’s performance. What works in one house might cause undesirable results in another.

Plastics have been around since the late 1800s. At first, plastics could only be created in a lab. Now this balanced chemical reaction can be reliably produced on site using portable equipment.


Spray foam insulation is created through a chemical reaction similar to the creation of plastic. Two liquid chemicals are mixed in exact ratios through a high heat and high pressure dispensing system to form a solid insulation material. As the spray foam is applied, it expands and solidifies into a plastic structure. Off-gassing occurs when the two products are improperly mixed “off ratio” and the excess product must evaporate rather than properly solidify.


Spray foam is insulation created through the reaction of two liquid chemicals mixed in a specific ratio. Our equipment mixes the liquids with a heating process. The equipment has a built-in shut-off mechanism that prevents spraying if the chemical ratio is not correct. When the ratio is correct, the mixture is applied through a pressurized sprayer, dispensing the liquid foam which then expands and solidifies. We follow industry safety standards, and meticulously maintain our equipment.


We are committed to using the latest products and equipment. The chemicals we use have become increasingly environmentally friendly over the past few years. We currently use Gaco Opteon, which is manufactured with zero ozone depleting chemicals. This is a higher yield product allowing the highest R-value per inch (R-7.4). Using this product and our equipment, combined with our experience and understanding of building science, we get excellent results for your home.

Contact us today for a spray foam insulation estimate and start saving yourself money.

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