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“Just after we signed our contract on a 100 year old house in Saranac Lake we brought Jen Monroe from ADK Efficiency in to evaluate our house. She conducted an energy audit that showed us where we were losing heat/were inefficient and provided us with expert advice and a detailed strategy for reducing that loss. She provided a comprehensive report for the steps we would need to take to make our house more energy efficient, including estimated costs, and how long it would take to recover those costs via annual heating fuel savings.

As a result of her recommendations we contracted with Justin Pallack of Heat Keepers to do the suggested insulating—i.e. closed cell spray foaming—of our roof deck, basement walls, rim joists, and several exterior walls.

Justin likes to say that he sells comfort, which, based on the results of his work to our house, he most surely does. But he also sells friendly, knowledgeable, responsive service and skilled execution.

We are particularly pleased with how he guided us through the installation of Windowtherm panels to improve efficiency of our original single pane windows. As owners of an historic property we wanted to maintain aesthetic of original windows, but at same time wanted to try to minimize heat loss. (Not to mention the high cost of total window replacement!) Justin suggested an alternative path with the Windowtherm panels. The panels are a win win win: we were able to maintain original integrity of the house, greatly improve efficiency and comfort, and save money.

This is the first winter that these improvements have been in place, so we don’t know as of yet in dollars what our savings will be. However the house already feels more snug and quiet, and we no longer have huge icicles dangling from our eves!" 

—  Leo P.

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