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BLOWER DOOR TESTING IS... evaluation of building airtightness. 


A blower door is a machine used to assess for air leaks in the building envelope of both pre-existing homes and new construction. During a blower door test, a fan is placed in a main entryway. The fan draws all the air out of the building, and in so doing ultimately draws outside air in through leakage points. In older homes, this test allows technicians to quantify and locate these leakage points and recommend home improvements. During new construction, blower door testing is required as a step prior to owner occupancy. Building code requires that buildings meet a 3.0 Air Change per Hour standard as part of final inspection.

An infrared (IR) camera is a diagnostic tool used to find air leaks and assess the performance of insulation in a house. This camera produces thermal images. Infrared thermography can help locate air leaks when used with a blower door.

Every time we install insulation, we focus on gaining air-sealing benefits. This includes utility penetrations, cracks and gaps, seams between building materials, recessed lighting and ceiling fans, and anywhere else that air may be able to leak through the building’s envelope.

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